Sunday, October 3, 2010

What Do You Know For Sure?

Oprah has this page in her magazine every month entitled "Things I Know For Sure". She was talking about it during an interview with J.K. Rowling the other day and I though it was quite an interesting concept. So, I got a pen and a piece of paper, old school I know, and decided to write down the things that I know for sure.
Fifteen minutes later I was still sat pen in hand staring at the blank page feeling completely panicked.
Bloody Hell! This is harder than I thought!
As soon as you think of something, something  that you positively  know for sure, you can then counter it with a million questions and queries and it becomes something that you thought you knew but in fact you hadn't allowed for all the questionables. By minute 17 I had decided that I am a complete wreck with no clear ideas in my mind! No dependable consistencies! No "for sures"!
If I was bloody Oprah I could "Know For Sure" that I would never be worrying whether I could afford to replace my knackered pink Converse! Mrs 2.3 Billion dollars! I would also know for sure that false eyelashes are good at any time of day or night and that Tom Cruise is a little bit mental!
J.K. Rowling said she knew for sure that love conquers all! Lovely thought J. K. but I think what you meant to say is that you know for sure that a billion dollars can buy you a lot of botox.
Oooh! Harsh! I know, I am sorry! I do love her and her Harry potter empire and I think both her and Oprah are doing fantastic things for the female race. They are living proof that with talent, hard work and perseverance you can make a few bob even though you do have hormonal swings occasionally and wear skirts!
I was wondering how other people would answer this question.
Ghandi would probably have said that he knows for sure that he was pivotal in helping India gain it's independence from British rule and also that grit in your sandals can cause havoc in the way of blisters on a long march to the sea!
Katie Price knows for sure that she could never do better than Peter Andre and, bad publicity is still publicity!
Mark Zuckerberg knows for sure that you can be socially retarded and  yet still create a multi billion dollar empire with the worlds most famous social network. Great film by the way. (Sorry John Beagley but I am totally addicted to Facebook and shall not hear a bad word said about our 26 year old boy wonder and his creation!)

So back to the blank page and hovering pen at my kitchen table.
I put the pen down and decided to let the question wash over me for a bit to see what surfaced! Actually, I have pondered over this for a few days now.

This is what I have come up with:

  • I know for sure that I am a girl! Stick with me, it gets better!
  • I know for sure that being a girl comes with certain expectations and I am willing to accept that, live up to and perhaps surpass the good ones and try and help to dispel the bad ones.
  • I know for sure that the sun will rise everyday no matter how much you think it shouldn't or don't want it to and in fact the rising of the sun enables all sorts of fantastic adventures to unfold.
  • I know for sure that I am one day going to be able to take myself into eight angle pose, and hold it long enough  for me to breathe out!
  • I know for sure that I am going to continue to eat Dairy Milk with gay abandon, not caring about the calorific content!
  • I know for sure that if you take a moment and close you eyes and breathe, when you open your eyes you are much more able to cope with the situation in front of you.
  • I know for sure if I was Mark Zuckerberg and being in my mid twenties and worth 6.9 billion I wouldn't be living in a rented house and driving a clapped out old Honda!
  • I know for sure that if I learnt how to type it wouldn't take me so long to write this blog!
  • I know for sure that I am loving, lovable and loved!

So that's me.
what about you?
What do you know for sure?
Let me know. Maybe we can enlighten each other on this one. Maybe you know something for sure that will make somebody else's day.
Feel free to comment on here or on Facebook. We can start a new craze!

Namaste my fellow Freedom lovers and thanks Oprah!

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