Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I have boobs!
It has only taken me until I am 38 to get them. How very exciting!
Let me explain.
I have had boobs for a while actually like we all do, us girls, when we reach puberty but mine never really did much. I think it must have been all the dancing or something but they were pretty much a non event. I was always waiting, patiently for them to develop into something worth having but they never really did...until now! Of course everyone with great boobs would tell me, "you're so lucky, you can wear strappy tops and pull it off." and "Big boobs just get in the way" and "I would love to go braless!" Of course all the time their generous cleavage was mesmerizing me. I longed to have a bit of jiggle on top there! And then I worked with a girl who had had a boob job and I was transfixed. I sound like a perv now but really I'm just a girl who never had boobs!
I once got a birthday card that said "on Your Birthday dance your tits off". Inside they had written "oops! You already have!" And once I was having a conversation with my lovely sister Louisa telling her that legend had it that the broad rimmed champagne glasses were moulded from Marie-Antoinette's breasts suggesting that the perfect boob should fit into a champagne glass. My sarcastic sister replied "Yes Sophie,  but not both in one glass!"
Anyway, I have been taking serious amounts of vinyasa flow and Ashtanga classes at this great little studio called Downtown Yoga. ( And for those of you who are not in the vinyasa loop that means lots of press up position, up dog and down dog. I try and go 5 times a week so that's a lot of upper body and you guessed it chest work out. And now, voila, boobs! Real life honest to goodness, not AA but possibly even a B!!!!! And they are firm and perky and I am so proud!
So for all my flat chested friends out there I can highly recommend getting your flow on and seeing the amazing results! I am living proof!
I was thinking of posting a picture but that may be a little weird right?!


  1. A photo would definitely help Soph. Not weird at all :). Ian.

  2. So i'm thinking that maybe it's not such a good idea for me?!

  3. I can understand the attraction of boobs to a girl who never had any. But I belong to the school of thought that thinks it is so lucky to be able to wear strappy tops and go bra-less - I am so envious of people who have small boobs!

  4. You are right Jackie, the grass is always greener! Worth knowing however, that we, the flat chested population are in awe of your boobs isn't it? Doesn't it make you feel good?!
    Lots of love x x x