Monday, September 13, 2010

The Skinny on Running

I am thinking of starting running! 
No, I haven't fallen and hit my head I am seriously considering it.
Of course I am mainly thinking about it, not for the physical challenge or the being at one with the road or the getting out in nature, but because I have seen some really nice skinny jeans that I would look so nice in if I was thinner! Then I have to be very serious, and ask the question, how much running would I have to do to be able to fit into these jeans by the time the weather gets cooler? And is this feasible goal?! Would I be better off sodding the running and the skinny jeans and stay in instead, drinking wine in my pyjamas during the cold weather?!
Seriously, I have lots of friends who run and love it and look fantastic on it which makes me think I should partake. I mean I did a bit when I was younger, but mainly short distances and if you "run" now you can't go out for a 100 metre sprint or an 80 metre hurdle (the last time I tackled the hurdles however, I was 12 and broke my arm so maybe not a good idea anyway!). All my runner friends go for an easy 10k Sunday morning jog, or just a local half marathon up and down the Chiltern hills! Who are these people? Bloody, Joyce Smith? Paula Radcliffe? No they are normal girls like me. So, if they can do it, can I? I am fairly fit and very determined and I do like gatorade... I seem to have all the credentials!
3 of my friends ran the London marathon last year. What an absolutely amazing achievement! I was so in awe of them  not only for their determination on the day, to pound the pavements amongst the throngs of oddly dressed charity fund raisers and over achieving celebrities, but the months and months of dedication to their training. In all weather conditions, dragging themselves out the morning after a heavy night out, or after coming home from a long days work or when the dog is looking at them like, "Don't even think that I am putting that lead on!". That, my friends, takes huge strength of body and strength of character.

For goodness sake Lorraine Kelly has run the marathon!

OK so maybe not the marathon this month, but perhaps a reasonable goal of being able to run for a couple of miles without being admitted to hospital!
There are web sites that get you on a training programme working you up to your goal. And there is where you can plot your route and add pictures of the landscape and brag to your pals about how far and fast you can run and be all smug in cyber space! So it is all there for me, all the tools to help me, teach me,  ultimately allow me to join in the small talk at drinks parties about what my PB is for 6K and whether I over-pronate! And most importantly, maybe to get me into the coveted skinny jeans!
I think I am going to do it! I am going to run! All I need now is a new pair of trainers...


  1. Good for you Fee- I will be very proud if you start running but don't get too good. healthy competition is good but sibling rivalry is something else! Get your trainers on.

  2. I am full of admiration for runners, whoever they are and whatever their level. I wish I could run - seems like it should be a great way to keep fit. But - I just hate it! Let me know how you get on, Sophie! x