Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Don't go through life so fast you forget to smell the flowers!

Blimey! It has been nearly 2 months since I blogged. I have missed you all!
OK, so there are several reasons why you haven't read any inspiring life altering prose (she says with her tongue very firmly planted in her cheek!) from me in a while. Firstly, Christmas and secondly, New Year, thirdly work and fourthly lack of inspiration. Now, the first two are acceptable. I was away for a month over the holidays and decided that after a madly busy and very successful first year in business in the UK with Freedom Yoga I deserved some time out. As a human being living in the 21st Century I am proud to say (however as a yoga teacher I feel a bit embarrassed to admit) that I did absolutely bugger all between December 12th and January 13th but eat, drink and sleep.
And boy did it feel fantastic?!
2011 has been a complete rollercoast ride for me on many levels. It has been rewarding and inspiring, full of laughter as well as a good share of tears. It has left me exhilerated and completely exhausted and challenged my mind, my body and my heart. The great thing is that I made it through intact, by the skin of my teeth, but the universe was telling me that I needed my month off work to completely relax and re-energize myself for a new chapter of exciting adventures in 2012.
Now I absolutely LOVE my job, don't get me wrong, but frankly, it felt wonderful not to be preparing classes, sending emails, posting flyers through letter boxes and all the while beating myself up about how much more I should be doing.
You will be glad to know that 2012 has not brought me any more confidence and I am still showing all the usual signs of a neurotic obsessive!
Instead, I spent lazy mornings in bed drinking tea and afternoons walking on the beach or fishing (yes, don't ask!) or browsing around my favourite shops, then eating yummy food over a glass of wine and retiring infront of a good movie or a trashy episode of "Keeping up with the Pistachios" as my Nephew Will calls it!
I returned back home with renewed energy for life and lots of ideas for not only filling up my existing classes but for how I could add more yoga opportunities and help enhance the lives of the dedicated yoga community of South Bucks in the new year. Plus about 7 more pounds wobbling around my hips and arse than usual!
And there brings me to my third reason for not blogging. Not the size of my arse! I have been so freaking busy since I got home, having meetings and designing posters, networking and booking courses and obviously something had to give. For me it has been my beloved blog. And because I have been far too busy worrying about income and class numbers that seems to have blocked any creative flow I had (reason four!)
I lost my mojo!
I know that I totally bore my entire family and all my friends with yoga talk, and for that I must apologise!
I have been absolutely consumed by my business. I sleep (well hardly sleep right now actually. I have the joy of being an insomniac, hopefully temporarily, which is such a thrill at 4am when you know you have to teach your first class at 8am and you don't finish until 9pm!), eat and breathe Freedom Yoga. In fact to the point where last night I realized that enough was enough.
I was in a comlete funk!
And suddenly the old lightbulb pinged above my head...I need to get a balance.
I know I know, that is the root of yoga, balance. You see if I didn't practice yoga I wouldn't have realized that and I would be one of the many spiralling out of control in their professional lives with no yin to their yang!
My blog is therapeutic. It helps me put things into perspective and takes me away from the mundane apsects of running a business. I think we all need something like that of our own that no-one else has control over, no-one else can change no-one else can influence. And can I just say? am I allowed? I like to think I sometimes make you laugh which is the greatest feeling ever!
So here I sit, invoices done, classes prepared, yoga props ordered, emails sent, with a cup of tea at my side and a slighlty sheepish look on my face, hoping that my loyal freedom lovers will invite me back into their lives with my ramblings about yoga and observations of my slightly less than conventional life.
Here's to 2012 and all the possibilities that lie within, personally and professionally. But remember, "Don't go through life so fast you forget to smell the flowers"!