Wednesday, May 9, 2012

5 Things not to do in a yoga class as a teacher

1. Sweat on your clients!
I have started teaching in a hot studio and whilst helping a lady find length through the sides of her body in downward facing dog I dripped sweat onto the top of her back and not a drop, more like a small stream that trickled right off my nasty is that? I am hoping that she was sweating so much herself that she either a. didn't notice or b. didn't care. Note to self, must take towel into hot studio with me!

2. Make up stuff!
A client recently winced in Janu Sirsasana and when I asked her if she was OK she told me that when she flexed her foot in this posture it made her gag! "Why is that Sophie?" uuummmm!!!! Because you ate too much for tea? Because you are weird?! Because you are too thin and gorgeous and so something about you has to be slighlty off to set the balance straight?  I have no idea!
I of course racked my brain trying to find a good answer but after 3 secs (a small brain!) I had to admit defeat and simply said "I have no idea?! Best just not to do it!" Would BKS Iyengar have been so wise in that situation?
When in doubt, admit that you are unsure!

3. Wear leggings from Top Shop
So, sometimes I look in my drawer of yoga attire (actually I have two drawers filled with Lycra based items!) and staring out at me is a top that was handed down from someone else that never really fitted properly and a pair of Top Shop leggings. So I have no choice but to wear the leggings and then rifle through my T Shirt drawer for a suitable garment for the top half. Why I don't just send the too small too uncomfortable second hand yoga top to the recycling I have no idea. Its one of those emergency tops that you wouldn't wear even in an emergency!
I digress!
The leggings, as it turns out, are very see through! This, I discovered only after teaching a whole days worth of classes and then later on that evening, being informed by my Mother that she really liked my new polka dot under-crackers as I demonstrated split dog into wild thing!
Mortified is not the word!

4. Drink from someone else's bottle of water!
OMG! I thought it was mine, until I saw mine...with my name on it for that very reason...on the opposite side of the room as I put the lid back on the one that I had just taken a giant gulp from!
Luckily the whole class was in pigeon lying over their legs and nobody saw and lets face it I am very clean and wholesome with no communicable diseases and regularly go to the hygienist!

5. Let someone leave your class without paying!
Enough said!