Sunday, September 5, 2010


OK so what was I thinking? How easy does it look on that film "Julie and Julia"? Just a few clicks and you are away with this incredible page of colour and style full of space to write to your hearts content. What they don't show on that film is the three hours of squinting at the screen, then swearing at the screen as you madly click on one thing after another trying to figure out the whole damn thing. What is a "gadget"? How do I change the font colour? what is the "post footer". Bloody Hell! I have now lost the will to live. So much for this blog relaxing me! And at 11pm on a Sunday night, sod the blog, sod the yoga, I am in need of a large glass of red and some "Bethenny Getting married" (my very guilty pleasure) to relieve the techno stress.
Breathe yogini, breathe!

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  1. Oh dear Sophie! Hope you are feeling less exhausted by now ..... Keep writing, it will get easier and we here over the pond who miss you so will love to read your communiques! xxx Jackie G