Saturday, September 11, 2010

To Om or not to Om?

I was so happy yesterday to hear that I had inspired someone with my ramblings on here. How cool is that? My lovely friend Ali took class with me last year and really enjoyed it, but she hasn't practised yoga since. I was talking to her on Skype and she told me how much she had enjoyed reading my blog and then she fanned out 4 yoga DVDs in her hands and said "you've inspired me! I am going to get up tomorrow morning and put one of these on." I wondered if she was going to put it on the TV and watch it whilst eating her cornflakes or if she was going to actually do? Well, I don't know what happened, but knowing Ali, she probably did do it and probably roped her boyfriend Steve into doing it too- She is Scottish and mad as a balloon with the most wonderful, positive outlook on life.
So this got me thinking about inspiration. What or who inspires me?

The word INSPIRATION has a few different meanings:
  • stimulation or arousal of the mind, feelings, etc, to special or unusual activity or creativity
  • a divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul.
  • immediate influence of God or a god
  • the drawing of air into the lungs
I think I am inspired daily by someone I talk to, something I see on TV, something I read on the internet. I am inspired to be a better person, more confident, happier, funnier, kinder. To be healthier, eat less rubbish, exercise more. To listen, to see, to act. I want to be the best version of me possible. And I love the fact that something somebody says in passing can make such an impact on you and can completely change you from there on. Not necessarily a life altering change but take you in a slightly different direction than you thought. 

I was at yoga on Thursday with a very calm gentle teacher who takes an all levels hatha class and we were focusing on ahimsa which is non-violence. So, being kind to your body and listening to it. Not pushing to where it's crying out in pain. And after the most serene and gentle 55 minutes we took a savasana (realaxation) and then we sat up and "Omed"! Now I am not a big "omer" myself. When I was learning to teach we would always Om 3 times before practice and 3 times at the end and I was sceptical I must admit. Why are we doing this? Am I completely off key? Is everyone laughing at me? So I have not being partaking in the Om-fest! However after Thursdays class I am INSPIRED! Laurie, you inspired me to Om! I had never really got it before you see and I think I was so relaxed and so content right then, that as I inhaled, my body filled up with light and joy and as I exhaled with the Om, I felt the vibration through my whole body. It felt powerful, yet serene and at that moment I was completely motivated and self assured and energised. 

So it took an inspiration to get inspiration! (see definition #4). And I am going to go forth and Om with conviction from now on. Sod the fear and the embarrassment and the nervousness. The benefits are well worth all of that. 

And back at ya Ali, you have inspired me. You have inspired me to keep on writing!

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