Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oh My Aching Dogs!

My body is in pain! Good pain I think but pain none the less!

I don't want to complain too much as I haven't just spent 69 days trapped 2000 feet underground in 30 degree heat and 90% humidity (Bikram would even baulk at that!) waiting, hoping, praying to be rescued. How amazing is that whole story?! I was in tears yesterday as one by one spectacle clad Chilean men appeared out of the ground and into the sunlight where they were reunited with their loved ones. Such a fantastic ending to a story on the news for once! (I have a couple of Chilean readers actually which is very cool.)

My body is hurting from yoga...eek! It has been a week since I practised because, I am not proud of it, but I am the worlds least motivated yogi when it comes to practising at home and I have been so busy catching up with everyone here in the Mother Land that I have had little time to get my butt into a studio and onto a mat. Shame on me! Anyway, last night my lovely girlfirends took me to their usual mid-week class at their very swanky health club. Lots of super skinny birds with the latest in Lululemon yoga togs and perfectly manicured toenails! I felt a bit like a scrungy old heffa but maybe that's just my own insecurities!!! Great studio with lovely space heaters up in the ceiling so it was toasty which was fantastic, as it was so cold outside. In England it is hard to get a good studio temperature in the colder months. In the New World, I am used to a studio where the heating is turning the AC off for a bit!
The class was pretty tough. Not fast but flowing at a fairly slow pace with some major poses thrown in the mix. We were targeting hamstrings with a strong emphasis on splits - split dog, standing splits and  of course humanasana, regular old one leg in front, one leg in the back on the floor. It was a killer! And I am pretty loose in that department (minds out of the gutter please!). The instructor was beautifully calm and enthusiastic and did I mention skinny?! I hate those kind of teachers! Kidding!

Today I felt great and hopped off to the class I used to go to here, with the lovely Julie Bealey. A wonderful teacher in Amersham who just gets it! She understands that all bodies are different and gives amazing modifications and variations and talks so intelligently and with such passion about the posture that suddenly there you are floating into Tittibhasana (fire fly pose) like it was the easiest thing in the world. It is all about lengthening the crown of your head towards her garden apparently! So another fab class and I was energised and relaxed on the way home singing along to Florence and The Machine in the car. Two classes in 16 hours, my Dog Days are certainly over!

I spent the evening at the theatre watching Swan Lake on Ice, which was the most graceful and beautiful vision you have ever seen. Especially if you saw me trying to get up out of my seat at the end to give them a well deserved standing ovation. I was like an old crone! My body had completely seized up! Stiff arms, achy back, tight hips, killer hammies and aching dogs! (feet for those of you who aren't weird New Yorkers!) I am hoping it is because I had ten days off yoga ( I bent the truth a little with a week!) and not that I am an old fart and my body is finally telling me, "No more Mrs!!"

I am now tucked up in bed writing this, hoping that a good sleep will bring new life to my creaky, overworked body. I am thinking a few ibuprofen wouldn't go a miss but I am trying to preserve my stomach lining and steer clear if I can! So instead, a couple of Ryvita and a cup of tea!
Rock and Roll!

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