Monday, October 4, 2010


Freedom Yoga blog is a month old! I am so excited, a) that I have managed to keep it going for a month and b) that people are reading it! My following is small but very loyal and mostly people that I know. HOWEVER! The big news is that I have a follower who I don't know. Thank you msbunnyone! This is a big deal! I also had someone from Russia read my blog! Only once, but Russia for goodness sake! I am obsessed with checking my stats: How many people read my posts today, this week, this month; how many different website referrals; where in the world is my audience; do they look at Freedom Yoga blog on their Mac, iPad, blackberry!
I know, don't say it. I know am a saddo!!!

Thank you to all those who are supporting my ramblings. You are gorgeous and obviously have great taste!

So my brother Harry, does this thing on Facebook every once in a while that he calls "Housekeeping". It is sort of like getting all his ducks in a huddle - Who has got my Duck Soup DVD? Why do my goldfish still smell? Mark my words, I will die of a heart attack/stabbing incident in a traffic jam unless I learn to keep my cool and Daisy just threw up on my freshly dry-cleaned suit.

I love these status updates so I hope you don't mind H, but I pinched the concept for my monthly round-up post.

My boobs are 34 B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am thinking of getting some confetti launchers and hiring a marching band to follow me around. Too much?
Barb is still at Publix. She has however dyed her hair a fashionable shade of lilac and has lately been seen stacking shelves. Was the manager watching the rutabaga transaction I wonder?
Running is yet to start, however gorgeous jeans buying did happen! I still plan to run but need to buy trainers.
You see if I was Oprah...
If I was Oprah I would have someone to run for me!
My big toes are now back to smooth fabulousness after the 108 sun saltues. I have yet to teach a class with a sodding om in it and I bloody hate Smug Bird in yoga class who never sweats and effortlessly glides in and out of eight angle pose like a ninja!
The polygamy show is very controversial and totally rubbish but completely addictive, Gumbo is more delicious the next day and my gout is so much better since becoming very dull and laying off the red wine. By the way, my fantastic friend Luce has given me a homeopathic remedy for all you poor gout sufferers: The bottle says, tissue salts no 10 nat phos - which apparently neutralises lactic acid in tissues!
Finally, I know for sure that I love my blog, my followers, the people who share me on Facebook and anyone who has said anything nice about me or my blog in the last month! You see, I know something else for sure! WooHoo!

I am so looking forward to seeing what drivel will spill out of my brain this month. Hope you guys are too! After all, I have a trip to England and all the excitement that that will bring. Lots of catching up with family and friends in the Mother land will surely produce much material for this humble page. We have trees changing colour and cool weather, pumpkin soup and hot chocolate (my Sister-in-Law makes great hot choc.!)
Don't worry, I haven't forgotten that this is a yoga blog! I am excited to go to some new classes at home and get lots more inspiration. 

So thanks again September supporters and keep on checking me out because October is shaping up to be blogtastic!

Or the English translation,The light within me salutes the light within you!

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  1. I love reading this every morning, it is such a good start to my day. Although on a couple of occasions my posts have been rejected :-( Anyway, keep it up, Sophie! And, and, and ........ a trip to ENGLAND? When?! Hope we'll be able to get together ........ xxx