Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A note to the critics

We have a bit of a history of writing in my family. My brother Harry has been on the journey to being a prize winning novelist for some time now with his fantastic crime thriller and his most recent piece, documenting the months leading up to the birth of his first child. My brother, Matt, has put down on paper, or rather on laptop, his experiences of living and working abroad, most significantly with "The Romanian Diaries". He and his wife spent a year living in the mountains outside Bucharest just after they got married and the diaries are so witty and tell of a country that is fantastically corrupt and wildly different from anything we could imagine. 

Anyway last night my Mum finally caught up with my blog, (it's bad when you have to cajole your own Mother into supporting you isn't it?!) and she was commenting on how emotionally charged my writing was compared to Matt and  Harry's witty repartee and factual recounting. It wasn't said like it was a good thing! 


She saw my wounded expression and quickly backtracked saying it was just a reflection of my personality and that I am a heart on your sleeve kind of gal!

I have had another comment from someone who shall remain nameless saying that my blog was painting this perfect picture of a rosy life and was just unrealistic.

You can't bloody win!
Too emotional, not emotional enough. Bloody Hell! I am not good at taking criticism! 
Then I got over the pouting and feeling like I should jack in the blog as a light bulb pinged in my head.

Who gives a shit?!

I started this blog because I was inspired to write and like I have said before, this is MY baby! I can say what I want, I can lie if I want, I can pour out my heart if I want, I can write 2 posts a day or leave it 3 weeks if I want. It is escapism for me and I am in control. That is the greatest part, being in complete control of something in your life without any chance of it being taken away or someone messing it up or breaking it. Nobody but me makes the decisions here on this page! 

It is lovely to think that people want to read this blog. I know that my posts have made people laugh and even cry and just think, and say, "you know what, I totally feel that way too, thank God I am not the only one!" 
But if you don't like it or you have a complaint about it then get your own blogspot and write your own!
For me this is like therapy! I always feel better once I have written. I am so crap at meditation, this is like my meditation. An hour sat here typing leaves me refreshed and energised and happy!

So I think my message today Freedom Lovers, is don't let other people dictate what you do that makes you happy. If you love it, bloody keep on with it - unless it's robbing banks or dealing crack that is! Seriously, life is short and fragile and you have to take every ounce of happiness you can get however much it may not completely fit into someone's ideas of how you should be spending your time.
If you get your kicks from sitting in front of Farmville every night for an hour, harvest away! If you love to spend a Sunday afternoon watching the football and shouting at the TV like you run the team, nobody should take that away from you and if it makes you feel good spouting about yoga, food and life in cyberspace, you should blog to your hearts content.

Rant over!


  1. Too Right Sophie!! I think you're blog is ace and truly inspiring! You remind me everytime i read to enjoy life and take in everything, especially the little things. Thanks x

  2. Now hear this. I too put words to paper or screen or comment card so I have some experience at writing. Before the advent of digital communication and not long after our two weeks together on the Star Odyssey, I received a lengthy handwritten communicae from you. I remember enjoying every word but also noted how well the prose was constructed and how everything beautifully segued into the next. It was really a great example of a well written letter. I don't still have that letter as it was nearly 15 years ago but I often reference it when I explain to others how impressive it is to a reader to experience such a well written, well thought out piece. What makes it even more impressive is it was a handwritten letter and you didn't have the luxury of backspace key or delete key to edit your thoughts. It all came out beautifully (and very witty too) on the first try. Well intentioned or not, we look to our family for approval. Keep on writing. I don't study Yoga but I apply your words to other areas of my athletic and spiritual endeavors. Don't, for one minute, start to second guess your writing. You'll lose your voice and that's no fun.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I really appreciate your lovely words and support. I was worried my rant may have scared you all off! I promise to be calmer in my next post!
    Namaste x x x