Thursday, November 4, 2010

This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England

That Shakespeare fella always had a way with words didn't he?

Hughenden Park, Bucks
And he was right too. I feel so lucky to be part of a country that is so beautiful, so steeped in history, so full of fantastic eccentricities. 
I love it! 
I have had the most wonderful month in the Mother Land. The weather has been fantastic, which always helps. There were only 3 days I think, of gloom and drizzle, which must be a record for our little island mustn't it? It has been sunny and crisp, blowy and perfectly autumnal.  I have spent the month dashing around the South East trying to visit as many people as possible. I have caught up with my gorgeous family, old school friends, new yoga friends and lovely, lovely people who really should class as family because they have been in my life for so long. It has been wonderful. I have managed to get into London, take some fab yoga classes, teach a little dance, go for a couple of long walks in the woods, discover some new local haunts, eat plenty of Bovril on toast, drink much wine, talk much rubbish and laugh an awful lot! Of course I didn’t get to see everyone for which I am a bit sad but Christmas is looming and I am going to be super organised so get your diary ready Ali and Lara amongst others, I will be emailing with dates!


Yogahaven Clapham had to turn away 10 budding hot yoga converts this week as they just didn’t have the room in their fabulous studio which tops out at 55 mats. I am thrilled for them that after an uncertain first week of business, word is spreading and they are full to capacity. I like to think I am partly responsible!!!

My sister’s friend Sam is off dialysis and she can now communicate vocally. It is a faint whisper but amazing considering for the last 90 or so days she has barely been able to blink. They are weaning her off her ventilator which she is not thrilled about because breathing is exhausting and hard! Imagine that. The funniest part is that her boss called Sam’s husband to say that she was wanted back at work as soon as possible!
The other precious little life I blogged about, Alex, is doing well. Stem cell harvesting is happening although chemo is also ongoing. Please read his father’s blog at

Luten Martha King has caused much hilarity, but for me the icing on the cake was when Will told my sister about these weird shoes he had seen, they were “Gucci and Cabanna”!

Last Sunday, 11 of us were sitting round the dining room table at my Mum’s house, talking about winning the lottery and what we would do with the money. There were the usual ideas, houses, cars, charity donations and frowns when after a hypothetical £155 million win my Brother In Law wasn’t giving any of us more than £100,000 each! Amongst the chatter, Phoebe, my 4 year old Niece, piped up “If I had all the money in the world I would buy some of that stuff that you can get at the fair that is pink and disappears when you put it in your mouth!” Can you remember when all you wanted in life was Candy Floss?

Still no coffee, diet Coke or Crisps in my life and November is the month to buy trainers. My Mum was happy to hand over my Birthday cash early when she saw me in tears over the size of my arse! I know, I know, I am over dramatic but I am not like others, happy to embrace the middle age spread. I shall be skinny again, if it kills me!!! And it may, as I am only on day 1 and I am having Cadbury Twirl withdrawal already! Be strong Fee, you can do it!

Mostly I have been inspired this month to take life and run with it. Get everything out of it that you possibly can and have a great time. My mantra for November is, “Eat less, laugh more!”

This bloody post is taking me so long to write because I am trying to make the most Incredible Onion Soup at the same time. I have just burnt my tongue tasting it, but it is completely delicious...and low fat!!!! OK, soup made, blog done, off to do a few sun salutes and then to indulge in onion heaven. The big question is, is my will power strong enough to skip the cheesy crouton on the top of the onion soup? ...“Eat less, laugh more!” maybe my mantra should be “Close your mouth fat arse!”

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