Monday, March 12, 2012

Practice what you preach!

I have an injury!

I am a pretty poor example of a yoga teacher right now and yes, before you say anything, I feel bad!
Imagine a squeezing feeling just at the left side of your waist with a bit of a tingle and every now and then a real "Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh!" and that is what I have had for about five months.

Gasp in horror! Yes, you heard right, five months!

After a massive panic about two weeks ago that I might have some awful kidney problem (ever the drama queen!) I finally decided that I had to go and get myself checked out. My comedy Doctor told me it was a structural problem and that I should rest for two months!
Um, not an option Doc!
It was time to bite the bullet and so I found myself dialing an Osteopath who had been recommended by a friend on several occasions.
Paul Mitterhuber is a miracle worker! Well actually he is a body worker but he has healing hands and the most incredible anatomy knowledge of anyone I know.
After a short consultation it was kit off and straight onto the table. I was anxious and nervous as to what he was going to find and its always overly hot in those offices isn't it, so very unattractively, I was sweating! Paul's long years in the business have allowed him to develop a wonderfully gentle bedside manner. He seems to have a deep respect for his patients and doesn't miss a beat, whether its a sudden short intake of breath, a sweaty palm or a tense little toe. When he knew something potentially uncomfortable was upcoming he asked me, "So how did you come to be a yoga teacher?" or "What were the big 40 Birthday celebrations like?", anything to get your mind off the discomfort and a little more relaxed allowing him to work his magic without undue pain to his patient.

Love him!

So, I was sent home with some exercises, a tennis ball and some Biofreeze gel which by the way is something that everyone should have in their medicine cabinet!
(Nb. tennis ball is for self massage technique, I wasn't prescribed a game of singles!)

I felt absolutely great on day one and day two, by day three I was starting to stiffen up, by day four I was walking like I had a body cast on and day five I slept fitfully for approximately 4 hours in between popping 400mg of Ibuprofen!

My long sad face said it all when I hobbled back into Paul's office.

"Sophie! Its been five or so months in the making, you can't expect it to go away after one session with me!"
"But I did!" I wanted to cry like a sulky six year old!
"I've stirred everything up and your body wants to naturally go back to where it was so its fighting what I did. Don't worry, we can sort you out, but you have to be patient!"

Still love him!

During my second session of Osteo, being clicked and pulled and twisted I also found myself being lectured!
Not in a bad way, in a way that I needed, that was long overdue.
Paul asked me what I do for myself.
"I work! I love my job!"
"But you need to spend a little time doing something just for relax!"
"No time to relax Paul. I am building a business!"
Then he produced his trump card
"Sophie, the pain you are experiencing in your hip and your groin and your back and your shoulder is pretty much due to worry and stress. I know I have only met you twice, but I can see by your body that you are the sort of person who appears all happy and content with everything together on the outside while inside you are a mess trying to juggle a thousand balls. The whole of your left side has become so tight due to your emotional state that it is restricting you. I don't want to sound like your Dad lecturing you, but you have to find a little time in your schedule to look after yourself for a change. You are in a profession where you give to others, you hear about their problems and worries, you give them your energy and help them to feel great. You need to practice what you preach and do that for yourself too!"

Bloody Hell!A telling off at 40!

He is completely right of course.
Anyone who runs their own business spends so much time working hard to make it a success and they generally fail to remember that without a healthy and happy person at the helm, their business is nothing.

I Left Paul's office with my tail between my legs and a plan in place for de-stressing.

You want to hear my cunning plan?
I am going to take Sundays off!

There are so many things that I really love to do that I haven't done for ages because Freedom Yoga has muscled in on my entire life. I am going to start cooking again. I love to cook. I am never happier than with a wooden spoon in one hand and a glass of wine in the other! I am going to restore an old pine chest that has been sitting unloved in the garage for ages. I am going to go out for walks with my family and pick up beech nuts and interesting bits of bark, then leave them in my coat pocket only to find them months later! I am going to live outside of yoga practice and emails and updating facebook pages and preparing sequences!

Wow! I feel better already just writing that down!
My name is Sophie and I am a workaholic!

From now on, on Sundays I am going to get dressed in normal clothes and just being plain old Sophie from Prestwood!

Physically I obviously need to get back in touch with that girl and mentally too! I think the people around me need to see her once in a while as well!

Don't worry Freedom Lovers, during the week I will still play Sophie, Power Yoga Queen ready for world domination!

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