Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Youtube Rocks!

In my quest for Freedom Yoga world domination I have been madly trying to cover all my bases to get the word out. I blog, I tweet, I email, I post flyers through letterboxes (well strictly speaking, my overly paid nephews do that for me!) I network at social events, bloody hell, I even recruited my hairdresser last week! So for someone who is a complete drip when it comes to selling herself, I am pretty chuffed.
Drum roll please...last week I had 12 new clients in my classes!
How amazing is that?
Now whether they all come back for week 2 is another question entirely but the fact that the word is getting out there is nothing short of fantastic.

So I decided I needed to make a video to put on my website as a little taster so people could see exactly what Freedom Yoga is all about. I think lots of people think that doing yoga means lying on a dusty floor in a cold village hall being forced to "Omm" whilst incense chokes you and you contemplate your navel! I have to dispell the myth. Actually I don't think it's a myth, I think there are classes out there like that and thats why yoga has such a bad reputation - For goodness sake if you want to lie down and omm at least sweep the floor and get some hetaing on!

Back to the video!

I would reccommend to any of you trying to move forward in your business to get a teenager in your life. It is so handy! Anyone born after 1995 can help you with anything in the technology department. It seems to be in their DNA or something!
A couple of weeks ago my gorgeous nephew jack showed me an amazing video that his friend Tom made of him when they were on holiday in France. I won't do it justice by trying to explain it so just watch...

I was then introduced to Tom's YouTube channel. By the way, "It's called a channel, not a page, becasue it's like a TV channel, duh Sophie!" and for future reference, in regards to Facebook you have a Wall not a Facebook page!!!! And "hip" is not cool but "next" is and you are no longer "buff" you are now "Hench". Got it?!!!
Anyway, I was really impressed with Tom's creative ideas and Jack who texts like a fiend quickly recruited him to film my video. Heaven forbid anyone should actually talk to each other now!

I got the impression Tom thought I was a bit batty during our production meeting at my sister's kitchen table over bacon sandwiches and custard creams on Saturday evening. "So you want to look thin and amazing?!"

Of course my place of choice was the fabulous Coombe Hill. Such a beautiful spot, overlooking the Chilterns with just a really lovely there is always an ice cream van at the entrance so you can get a lolly on your way home!

So on Sunday afternoon we all traipsed into Wendover headed for the hill.
Me, Louisa, Jack, Will, Tom and Charlie...I needed moral support. Of course the carpark was full to bursting. Perfect, a billion people to watch me how embarrassing!
We spent about 45 minutes filming from various different angles and I was knackered at the end of it! I was flowing on an adverse camber so it was quite a challenge! Tom was happy with his footage and knackered too I think scrambling around like a monkey up the monument to get ariel views!

I was more than nervous to see the finished product. Excited of course but having spent so much time practising away from a mirror you have no idea really what your body looks like in these postures.

Last night on my way to work I got an email from Jack: "Tom's uploaded you to YouTube!"
I took a deep breath in as I skulked in the hallway at work and loaded  it onto my iPhone...and then a deep breath out and a huge smile as I watched the video unfold.
I love it!
I love the sky and the ramblers and the view and the fact that my bum looks not too big at all infact!!!!
The main thing is that it shows a bit about what Freedom Yoga has to offer.
See what you think...

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