Saturday, March 19, 2011

The 108 was a grand success!

1 church hall, 4 yoga teachers, 18 raffle prizes, 23 willing bodies, 108 sun salutations and £438.47 raised for comic relief!
What an incredible set of numbers that is and one I am very proud to say I had a hand in. A big hand actually. I asked nicely, I emailed, I texted, I nagged and I plain got all Bob Geldoff on some people but it was all worth the effort. To see all those gorgeous people and aged from 8 right through to 58, inhaling and exhaling their way through an hour and getting their sun salutation on, was so fantastic.
They came from far and wide to support me and the AMAZING charity that is Comic Relief. And they donated their little butts off, buying endless raffle tickets and throwing their hard earned cash in a contribution bucket and then as if that wasn't enough I made them unroll their mats and work their bodies in a manner they may be cursing me for today. I mean most people who do a regular yoga class, may do up to 25 sun salutations a session, so 108 is immmense. I think, no, I know some of my friends were a bit nervous about it:
"Really Sophie?"
"Are you mad?"
Me: "Yes really!"
You may want to read my post from September 16th 2010 entitled, "108 Ways To Get Ready For Fall" to find out why 108.
But the reason why I thought this would be such great way to raise money was a no brainer. It was a tough physical challenge, and that is exactly what people face every single day in poverty stricken Africa. 
To answer the last question, no, not mad exactly, just a little bit eccentric maybe and a lot passionate about people and yoga and great causes.
And, I know this isn't very all loving and all giving and  yogic etc. but I bloody hate those "Just Giving" pages. Is it just me or do you get an email linking to one of those pages every other day? I have donated but I never remember who to or what for or why.  I wanted to get people to donate in a way they would remember (You'll all remember this for sure!) because they physically got involved. So as well as doing good for other people you were doing yourself some good too. Now I know if you were one of the lovely yogis who came last night, you are probably feeling like you did yourself some damage!!! (Am I the only one whose shoulders feel like they are falling out of their sockets?) But believe me when I tell you that you have done so much good. You have re-oxygenated your entire body, you have exercised your heart, opened up your lymphatic system, toned your muscles, strengthened your joints, stimulated your endocrine system, increased your spinal flexibility and raised shit loads of cash for charity.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU to the fabulous teachers who helped me put our unsuspecting victims (Wendy!!) through their paces last night; The wonderful Julie Bealey, Nicola Brown and  Terri Walford.

And another massive THANK YOU to all those who attended, to those who stumped up cash, to those who organised and to those who contributed to the raffle. Without you all we cold never have pulled this off.
I am thinking we should make it an annual event...shall I ask you all in a few months when the aches and pains are a distant memory?!

Take a look at the pics...

Warming up

We've only just begun!
Come to yoga and get a great butt!

Inhaling with Julie!

up dog number 58...only 50 to go!


Keeping count for us, Will!

I smiled through all 108...freak?!

How sweet is Megan?

Everybody in love put your hands up!

Breathe Helen, breathe!

We even had boys!

....And relax!

You earned it Terri!

holding hands in savasana, aaahhhh!

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