Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Power To The People!

I discovered another hidden gem in the world of yoga studios today. Not really hidden as I have known about it for about a year but just haven't got my arse into gear and got there until now. Shame on me! And shame on you if you don't book yourself in and take a class with them as soon as possible. It may change your life...or it may simply change the way you feel about your hips if nothing else!
My lovely friend Lucy has been singing the praises of The Power Yoga Company for about a year now and telling me how it would be hugely up my street. You know, Dynamic alley, in Great Powerdom, Sweatsville! And what can I say but "Thank you Ms Corrin!". I had the best 60 minutes I have had for a long time, well excluding watching the Gwyneth Paltrow episode of Glee! (That show is pure genius from start to finish. I just love it!)
So, my friends Terri and Lucy and I have started to become yoga tourists. We have been trying out a few different places for inspiration. I think it is so important to experience lots of different styles of yoga with lots of different teacher because whatever you think of the class, you will always come out having learned something, even if its only "I'm not bloody going there again!" Now the aforementioned yoginis are also keen to check out other studios because they are embarking on a new project themselves which is very exciting. Soon there will be a fabulous new and hot yoga studio in Barnet, North London!
None of us were disappointed today, we got a lovely experience all round, in a simple, clean, inviting studio with a positive and encouraging teacher who challenged our bodies and our minds with a dynamic flowing sequence. The room was toasty warm, not malaria hot, which was just perfect. As Lucy and I discussed, sometimes when you are flowing you need to concentrate on just that, not the sweat that is running in rivers down your face, arms and torso, getting you all bothered and slippery so you couldn't do a down dog if your life depended on it! And dont get me wrong, I love the heat, my first four years of yoga were at Bikram Yoga in Merritt Island Florida and I was a complete obsessive. I think it is the dancer in me that likes a good sweat!     But when you need to be able to anchor yourself to a mat and move quickly in and out of poses, personally I like it just warm. Call me old fashioned!!
The studio at the Power Yoga Company is fairly small and mats are already laid out for you so no need to bring your own. Again, personally I thought they were a little close together but when you are running a business and you are in demand...I mean we all squash up on a tube train right?! I read an article actually I think it may have been in Yoga Journal saying people in cities are happy to have their mats really close together where as people living out in the sticks like a little space between them and their yogi neighbour. Makes sense I suppose. Don't we all move to the country to get a bit of distance?
The white washed walls and wooden floor made for no distractions, the music was current and funky and the flickering tea lights on the window sills added a touch of cosiness. But for me, the best part by far was the sequence. 
First off, how did the beautiful and knowledgeable, but far too skinny for my liking yoga instructor keep it all in her head?
Secondly, who knew you could go straight from revolving chair back into revolving side angle with a clench of the pelvic floor and a good deep inhale?
And what about taking hold of your big toe and opening up your chest after bird of paradise pose?
I was blown away at the excitement of the whole routine. As you can imagine, after putting this blog post to bed, this ex dancer is getting to work on her own flow! I think I just didn't realise you could have so much freedom with sequences.
Safe to say, I am a big fan of The Power Yoga company! Particularly because after class the three of us, bundled off to a lovely cafe round the corner for boiled eggs on toast and freshly squeezed carrot and parsley juice! Well not me actually, I was on tap water...I cant do the whole carrot juice thing for some reason, it just freaks me out to drink vegetables!
So go and check it out. You can book in on-line, pay by credit card, they have a mat for you there, it couldn't really be any simpler?
All you have to do is get off the sofa and get your butt to Parsons Green!
Believe me when I say, you won't regret it!

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