Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Back it up for goodness sake!

Why didn't I back up all the data on my computer? 
This is one of many things I am asking myself today. I feel so angry with myself and so fed up with bloody technology. I was just sitting in bed last night, minding my own business watching "Weeds" on my laptop when suddenly there was an annoyed sort of BEEP from my lovely, faithful Inspiron 1520. Was it upset by the bad language bandied about in the show I was watching or was it just tired having been working hard for me all day? Turns out, it was utterly fed up apparently because it plain gave up on me!
 There was me thinking of it as my friend when all the time it had been playing me like a fool. "I shall work like a charm for 4 years or so, then when she has got to rely on me and to love me and put her heart and soul into me, I shall crap out without a moments notice taking all her precious pictures and documents and music with me, never to be seen again. Mwaaahaaahhahahaha!"
My lovely, lovely techie friends (everyone needs a techie friend in their life) at CentraStage gave it their best shot this morning bribed with doughnuts and offers of free yoga classes. They took it apart, tried to get the hard drive to work on various other computers but I was soon told by lovely Nick, with a very long face and apologetic tone "It's not spinning Soph!"
So thats it then? My life, gone, in a beep? 
Of course I have an external hard drive but do you know where it is? In a shipment of all the physical parts of my life winging its way to Florida. I have not backed anything up for about a year because, "that won't happen to me". Like winning the lottery or love at first sight...yeah right!
I am here to tell you, it will! Back it up. All of it. Pictures, documents, music, the lot. It takes a minute and you will thank me one day!
So here I sit, puffy eyed from crying and twiddling my thumbs hoping above all hope that the bespectacled teenager that my sister suggested I call is going to phone me any minute and tell me he has recovered all my stuff. He seemed confident and annoyingly excited at the prospect of this challenge as he gingerly unscrewed the back of my laptop and wiggled out the offending object.
So if you can all send some good vibes my way I would be most appreciative and who knows...I may get to see my wedding pictures again!

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